Selling Your Gold, Jewellery, Diamonds & Other Valuables

You’ve got gold, silver, an old engagement ring, diamonds or outdated jewellery that you want to sell. Selling gold and jewellery has never been easier.

Alpha Buying Co is looking for people who are selling their gold and silver in all forms - bullion, jewellery, coins, scrap gold – as well as gemstones, diamonds and watches. Whether you have a single piece of jewellery or a shop full of gold bullion, we are here to give you the advice and service that you need.

Selling Gold and Jewellery at Alpha Buying Co is easy.

  1. Contact us
    Contact us via email or phone to discuss the gold, jewellery, diamonds, silver or watches you would like to sell.
  2. Make an appointment
    So that we can evaluate the item you would like to sell, we will invite you into our office for a meeting. We operate during business hours, and are located in the heart of Sydney for your convenience.
  3. Agree on a Price
    You are encouraged to quote a price for your gold or jewellery. If you do not have a price in mind, we will make you an offer.

If you are unsure of how much your gold, jewellery or diamonds are worth, we encourage you to shop around before contacting us. Tell us what someone else is offering, and we’ll try to beat it.

If we can’t buy from you, we may be able to suggest an alternative way for you to sell your valuables.

If you would like to contact us, simply fill out the form below and hit send.