Buying Services – Gold, Jewellery & Other Valuables

Alpha Buying Co will buy your gold, silver, jewellery, diamonds, watches and other valuables. We can also buy or sell these items on your behalf.

You don’t need to be gold or jewellery buying expert – either you quote a price or Alpha Buying Co will make an assessment for you.

Simply make an appointment to come and see us.

Consulting Services

Alpha Buying Co also provides a consulting service.

As part of a wide community of experts in the jewellery industry, including diamond and gem merchants, wholesalers, valuers and watch specialists, we are engaged on a permanent basis in consulting, advising and purchasing major items for several Sydney-based companies and individual traders. We buy and sell major jewellery items, gemstones and watches on their behalf.

As consultants we:

  • Advise and assist in purchasing diamonds and major jewellery items
  • Act as agents in buying and selling of pawn broking businesses
  • Provide assistance in stock liquidations
  • Value stock lots for sale
  • Value stock lots for audits

Our charges are negotiated on either commission or hourly rates.

Please contact us to discuss your situation in detail.